Dr. Jones...

So we went to see the new Indiana Jones, and it was actually really good. I have never wathced the older movies all the way through, and i was kind of iffy on this one, but, wow!!! It made me feel like i was on the ride at disneyland. We give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!!!

Our friend Gary

Shawn and i were at walmart the other day picking 0ut some flowers to plant in my parents yard. We were inside looking at more yard stuff when shawn looked down and found a snail, yep that's right, a snail. It's neck and eyes were totally stretched out of it's shell, it looked like it was scared, so i told shawn to pick it up and put it in a plant for now. We took Gary to my parents house for all the little kids to see. As soon as they saw gary they went to reach and touch. Emma and Jeremy didn't really want to touch, but Graiden just grabbed gary like he was a toy, it was hilarious!!!

What a lovely day for a stroll...

So today shawn and i decided to have a "relax" day, we mozied around the house for a bit, then decided to be nice to the dogs and take them out. About 1130 we got everything ready to go for a walk, we packed their treats and leashes, as soon as the dogs saw the leashes they knew what was going on! They were waiting at the door to be let out, so we got them in the car and went to the Ogden Parkway/river. It was busy there, so many people were out and about, but it was fun.

Koda & Harry just messin around & dragging along.......

Shawn and i thought we should get a picture of us too.....to show that we were there!

Here we are by the river....

Forecast for the day.....CLOUDY!!

Isn't this the most perfect day to be outside??? I love this kind of weather. Anytime it's like this i grab my camera and go crazy, i will find any reason to be outside! Here are just a few pictures i decided to take this past week.

SOFTBALL.....peanuts, get your peanuts!

This year Shawn is on 2 softball teams, he plays Monday and Friday nights. His Monday team is called: EASY DOES IT, his Fri team is called K & K GLASS. Both his teams are sponsored, one by the sheriff's dept, and by one of our friends dad. It was really nice of them to do that, so we can't let them down. There have already been a couple games, nothing to hooha about, but they played very well. Of course on the Fri games the boys have a great cheerleading squad, all the wives ;) we are the best out there! That team has his brother Todd, and friends: Rob, Blaine, Eric, Mitch, Wade, Tony, Troy and Steve. All the boys play very well and i know us cheerleaders will have lots to cheer for. K & K ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Like i said, we have been married for 5 years, woohoo!!! We got our dogs, and other things to keep us busy, including our 6 beautiful nieces and 4 nephews. Their names are: Emma, Jeremy, Bree, Brook, Graiden, Jaycee, Tucker, Kendall, Reese, and Kaleb. We need to get a pic of Jen and Todd's kids up here too. There is one thing missing though, yeah, one of our own. We have been trying for a lllooooonnnnnggggggg......time. So, if you want to see a mini shawn and bon, then please cross your fingers and say your prayers. It's bound to happen sooner or later. :)

Right now we are in the middle of selling our home. It's been taking forever to get everything signed and taken care of. We are hoping to close this week. Living out of boxes for a couple weeks has been a pain. We haven't unpacked anything because we are told we could close maybe today, tomorrow or the end of the week....wow..enough already. When the closing does take place, we have 3 days to get everthing out of the house. So far we have most of our stuff in storage, the only things left are things we kind of need, such as a bed, couch, dresser and tv. As soon as we are out, we will be living with my parents, aaaaahhhhhh................that will be ok though. We will be looking for another house, but right now the prices for new and old houses are C-C-C-CRAZY!!!!!

Lately Shawn and I have been keeping track of the Utah Jazz. It has been so fun and tense at the same time. When Shawn gets into the games, he goes crazy and i have to calm him down so we can watch the rest of the game and listen to what's going on. Sometimes Shawn likes to pretend he is the announcer when BOOZER gets up to the foul line, he yells the name so loud and it's hilarious! We wish we could go to the games, but it never happens, oh well maybe next year. GO JAZZ!!!

Shawn and I decided to buy a dog a year after marriage, we were baby hungry, and a good way to avoid that is buying a pet. We went to a shelter, i wanted a small dog, but Shawn just said lets see what there is. So we continued to look and shawn glanced over at two white paws on the cement block, then he saw a head. He called me over to look at her, my first reaction was "ugh, she's all white and her eyes are pink." she looked albino (freaky). We walked her around the shelter, and she listened so well, and she was sooo.. cute!! She's a definite keeper! Her name is Koda and she is a boxer mix, she loves kids and loves to play. Sometimes my family says she needs her prozac because she can get so lazy. She's a happy dog. A couple years ago we added another addition to our fam, his name is Harry, he is a cocker spaniel. At first he was so annoying, but he has calmed down so much, and he is a lot easier to be around. They are our kids for now!!