Spring is in the air

So I know most of you would agree that the last few days have been AMAZING!!! The weather has been so perfect, not too hot, not too cold...just perfect! I have been catching a little bit of that spring air and I love it! Shawn and I took my nephew Graiden and our dogs to the park and stayed for quite a while, we've been running our usual 2 mile routine...and boy has that been tough :) Before our cruise last year we were running every other day and we wouldn't even stop. Now it feels like we are working extra hard because we've both put on a couple pounds, it feels like we are carrying a few bricks along with us! But, that feeling will soon go away!! Again we are going to try to cut carbonation out and start eating healthier, it wil be hard for Shawn cause he doesn't eat fruits or veggies (such a bugger). Our goal this year is to start running marathons, so hopefully we can make it...even if it's just a 5k!!