My computer WORKS!!!

I have been kinda bummed lately cause our laptop totally crashed about 4 months ago..I felt so lost with out it. My bro-in-law took it to one of his friends and he somehow fixed it, I was so happy to know I have my lap top back...YES!!!
Anyway, back-blogging ahead...

My niece Hallie had her 1st b-day, it was a dress up party and it was so fun to have family and friends there celebrating her birth!
Shawn and I skipped out on a few Halloween parties this year due to his haunted house that he had to do once again. One year I kinda hope it can just be us and friends, and not me by myself while he is scaring the neighborhood. Anyway, as a couple we dressed up, he was a Chef, and I was his Spaghetti & Meatballs. The costumes were homemade, and they turned out to be winning costumes!! I wore my costume to work for a contest, I won 1st place and got a $20 gift card.

I went to Gardner Village with my friend Zjani, we made it a girls night. It was pretty fun checking everything out and getting to see all the other women dressed up. We made our own skirts out of the tule material, and they turned out way cute!

Took some pictures of my sister and her little family, and a couple of Shawn and I...had to get us in.

Another yearly trip to the cabin in September. It was pretty fun this year, Shawn did a little fishing and was catching all the grass hoppers by hand, it was so funny to watch this big man trying to catch such a small creature. He caught one fish with his amazing skills, too bad he had to release it. He had a hard time trying to get it off the hook, it was out of water for so long that once he threw it back in the pond it fell to the bottom and didn't move for a while. Yeah, we thought Shawn killed it...we sat and poked at it for a while, and nothing. Come to find out..he was alive!!! So, I think that's about it for now...hope it wasn't too long or annoying to read.

Stop for a pose

We were at the mall the other day and saw this little set up, and we definitely had to get a picture!! (we didn't even have to pay for it..muhahaha!! )

How Embarassing

Why can't people keep their eyes to themselves?
Why is it sooooo hard to keep their thoughts to themselves too?
This lovely laniard is what I was given here at work to put my badge on and represent the hospital, totally fine, no problem doing that. I only have a problem when people start noticing where this laniard is laying...yeah, my boobs. I never put 2 +2 together until people started laughing and saying "not bigger, just better huh" mostly guys... I decided it was time to give up the embarassment and pass it on to someone else who says she is less fortunate in that area!

Shawn & Bon to the rescue

It was my nephew's birthday a few weeks ago and he wasn't feeling too well, so his parents were taking care of him. That meant nobody was there to help out with the cake, so Shawn and I stepped up and helped out! Grai's theme was Spongebob, it turned out to be very cute! I did the Spongebob cake, the pan was the shape of SB, and it had the divets for his eyes, sponges and everything else. It was actually pretty easy to do. Shawn on the other hand did not have help with his. My dad baked the cake in a square pan and Shawn did free hand for Patrick. It turned out really good! Who knew Shawn had it in him.

Just some new pictures

I had my friend Steph take some pictures of us a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to share a few of them. I think she did a great job!

Yeah, I guess they do look like engagements, but we don't have kids so of course it will just be us!

We do love Bingo!!!

These pics were taken last year when Shawn was trying to decide on his costume for Halloween. I thought they were kinda fun, and we all know that bingo is the best!
Here's lookin forward to our 70's!!!
I know my posts haven't been much to look at lately, but there hasn't been too much going on with us. Shawn works every weekend, so we only have one day together every other week, when we have that day off, we like to have as much together time as we can. We have been to SLC a couple times to watch shows at the IMAX, then of course we do shopping and our favorite, most favorite place at the gateway is...Rocky Mtn. choc factory!!! Of course it's food!!
I always get the strawberry cheesecake apple, and shawn gets anything with lots of chocolate or candy..what a goof!

7 year anniversary

Wow...we hit 7 years...can't believe it! This year we decided to do what we've done in the past and go to Park City. We stayed the night at Silverado Lodge in the Canyons Resort, it was a very nice room, and the service was great! Shawn had mentioned at check in that we were celebrating our 7 years, so when we got back to our room that night we found chocolate covered strawberries and a card from the front desk saying Congrats!
We rode the Alpine slide and 2 ziplines at the Utah Olympic Park, so it wasn't the original slides, but this one was actually pretty fun! Later that night we went to the arts festival to check it out and just wander around, there were some pretty cool things to check out, but of course it started to rain so we left. Of course we did some shopping..who doesn't shop when they're in Park City??

It was such a nice time to be together and get out of the parents house for a night!


Shawn and I saw this on our way home from Bear Lake, just thought I'd share the humor that we got out of it with all of you. Enjoy!!!

Now you see me....

Now you don't....haha!!

Just been lazy

I know I haven't posted for a couple months, but it's just been the same ol' same ol'...

We have been doing some fun things lately, but I too forget my camera. So we've been working a ton, and just hangin out. I will just post some pictures here and there of what we've been up to.

One thing I do have to put in is that Shawn finally got a full time job again...whew!!! He is working at Winco here in Roy doing loss prevention, so if any of you decide to get the urge to steal, you better watch out cause Shawn is on patrol :)

A couple weeks ago we went to Bear Lake with our cousins, the weather was perfect, company was great, but the water was f-f-f-freezing..... It was nice to hang out with our cousins and visit, have a sleep over, stay up and talk all night and watch movies.
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Aaaaahhhh..refreshing! Gotta have my Coca~a~cola