2nd trip to Oregon

So we left last Wednesday about 530 in the morning to head out for our long ride to Oregon. Almost the whole drive there it was either lightly snowing or raining, but all in all it wasnt' too bad of a drive until we got the Deadmans pass in Oregon. I could tell by the way the clouds looked that it wasn't going to be a pleasant drive through, and sure enough I was right. Every truck driver stopped on the right side of the road to chain up, and I was wishing we had chains at the time too, but obviously we did alright. So on to our fun...the whole reason for the trip was to surpise our friend Travis for his birthday, and in the post before this you saw that we tried to find a mask or something to disguise ourselves. We got pom pom hair and bandanas to cover ourselves up, it was ok for the time, but he knew it was us as soon as he opened the door..man, way to blow our cover. Anyway, that night we took it easy and got some pizza and watched The Happening, that movie was actually pretty good, not even scary. The next day we took the bus to downtown Portland, and I will tell you that we saw so many creepy people out there and yes, we were scared....no, we just felt a little out of place cause we weren't aspiring musicians trying to make money. We went to the mall, had some lunch and walked to our favorite doughnut shop which is Voodoo Doughnuts to grab a treat. Afterward we continued to walk around, but then we decided we had enough so we took the bus back home and got ready for some golf...geez. Of course we had to do some golfing for the boys entertainment, so we went to the childrens course they have and played 9 holes. Friday we all got ready and packed some stuff so we can go on the best part of our trip, we went to Depot Bay which is right next to the ocean...it was gorgeous, but of course, it was raining..bummer. We got there about 630 pm because we stopped at a casino on the way and lost our money, it was fun while it lasted. So we get to our condo and we were told by the guy at the desk that we have one of the best rooms, we had 3 rooms, 3 baths and a full kitchen, living room and fireplace. The best part of the room was the 3 balconys we had, they were all overlooking the ocean....aaaaahhhhhh.......so relaxing. Our room got a little hot during the night so Shawn opened our sliding door a bit and all we could hear were the seagulls, and waves crashing on to the rocks, it was so beautiful. Needless to say...it was raining, of course :( so we didn't want to go the beach and get drenched just for some pictures, so we just took as many as we could from out balconys. So it wasn't too long of a trip, but it was well worth the drive, we had lots of fun with our friends!!

The drive there

Our disguise...can't tell it's us huh Mall Cop..
This guy is real, honest

Me & Breklynn showing our braids

Our condo, way nice!!
Our view from our balcony

Me, Shawn, Travis and Teresa
Dinner at The Sea Hag

This lady was playing music on the
bottles. Way cool!!

Look into my eyes..
Shawn got winded and collapsed...j/k

This is the drive home...don't complain about snow until you've been through this. The snow was frozen to the road, and then the fresh snow was packed down, I was so scared driving through this twice.

Just Because

So this is a post of us just messin around, being bored and yeah we had some fun. This was during the week, we both had the day off so we decided to go about on the town. We were out looking for a mask to surprise our friend this weekend and there wasn't really anything worth looking at. Although we did find something I thought was hilarious, they were plastic wigs. Shawn couldn't find one that fit his head, everytime he would put one on I would see it start stretching in the creases, but he still wasn't afraid to put one on! Anyway, hope you enjoy these pictures!

Phantom of the Opera

Last Friday mAlign Lefty mom and dad took a few of us to SLC to the Hales Center to watch Phantom of the Opera. Honestly I wasn't looking forward to going, I have never been into the musicals or stuff like that, so I was kind of downing it the ride down. Well, we get done with dinner and head over to the show, it wasn't the biggest theatre, but boy there were tons of people everywhere. I would say the theatre probably holds about 200-ish people, so it was pretty small and the stage was front and center. The stage would open, things would come up from the bottom and lower down from the top, there were so many props. So all in all...I ENJOYED IT!! We came home and started watching the movie, only cause my sister said Gerard Butler played it so much better and he's much easier on the eyes than our phantom. The one at the show was a little bit on the heavy side and he has a recieting hair line...not the best to look at but he sure was a great singer. So if you want to go see it, check it out at the Hale's Center, it was well worth it!!

Phantom, Shawn and Christina

Shawn & Bree's birthday party

We celebrated Shawn and my niece Bree's birthdays together cause they are in the same month and it was just easier to do. This was a few saturday's ago, I am not that consistent with the blogging so that's why I am just getting to it right now. We had the party at home, of course there was a barbecue, cake and ice cream. This year my sis in law Erin made the cakes, I asked if she wanted to buy them and she wanted to do them herself, she had some ideas. I told her just to make one bigh girl one for the both, but her daughter Emma told her not to make a girl cake for Shawn cause he's not a girl, he needs something he will like. So suggestions were thrown around and a decision was made, Emma said to make hima jail cake cause he likes the jail, such a creative girl!! So Erin made a jail cake for Shawn and a cute butterfly one for Bree. Everything was so good and so much fun. Of course Bree got clothes and hair stuff, and Shawn got his golf shoes and an X-box 360, so he's pretty much set until his next b-day. Enjoy!!

Shawn's cake

Bree's cake

Birthday babies





More Pics

I thought I'd put up some more pics of our trip, I took so many but can share so little. Here are some pics of the Trump Hotel, my little sis and her husband stayed there. That hotel was actually very nice, fancy and very, very sparkly. Come to find out that there is no casino in there, no clubs or anything fun, just like Donald Trump...but on the bright side it was the cleanest hotel I'd ever been in, it didn't even smell like smoke...wow!! Anyway, here are pics of that and here are some of us and my Grandma Hall. Like I said we went to visit her in St. George and we had such a good time.

Trump Hotel

Yeah I wish..

Yeah, the tv is in the mirror...what'll they think of next

Me and my sisters at a photo shoot..thanks Shawn

This is Grandma Hall, she's so cute!!