Do you ever have those days that you feel nothing goes the way you hoped?? I have been feeling that way for such a long time, I know that I shouldn't feel bad for myself but it's so hard not too. Most of you might know what I am talking about, some probably not. Most days I don't even feel motivated to do anything, it's hard for me to be happy for everyone when I can't even feel that about myself. This is not supposed to be a "pity post" but I just had to get some frustration out.

I know things will happen when it is the appropriate time, so we just sit and wait some more. No more tears and doubt. Patience is a virtue.


Good news....well for me that is, I've been off carbonation for one month now..YAY!!!!! It's been about 3 months without caffiene, and Shawn decided to support me on this so he stopped all in all too. It isn't as bad as people say it is, I never got headaches, but I do crave pepsi here and there. Ok, so to be honest the other day while I was working in the ER the temptation hit me, they have a pop machine in the back and I decided to get some sprite. I took it back in the office with me and stared at it for a while, contemplating on whether I should try it. So curiosity sunk in, I took a little, tiny, itsy bitsy sip and I did not care for it too much. All I could taste was sugar, so I went and dumped it.

It's been very easy for me to turn down pop, and I plan to keep it that way. Unfortunately Shawn's dad just handed him a caffienated pepsi tonight and temptation got the best of him, he drank it.... So back to square one. He said we can splurge and have one drink a month, he will get whatever and I might, might get a caffiene free drink, if I even do that. I am trying so hard not to drink it anymore. My doctor told me that couples having a hard time getting pregnant are advised not to drink caffiene, so I've been doing it for that main reason. Hopefully it will be easier when I get pregnant to stay off caffiene, I don't want to end up with crazy babies!!

Date Night...or nightmare

Shawn and I have not been on an official date in the longest time, which is kind of depressing. First of all we have no kids, I don't understand why we don't make this more like an every other week thing. I have noticed that he and I are more like homebodies, which is not a bad thing at all, we like to relax and hang out with eachother. I know most couples like to go out in groups all the time, I don't have a problem with that, but when Shawn and I don't really go out together, just us, I like to spend most of my time with him. Anyway, so we planned a date last saturday, I picked the movie and got the tickets, he was supposed to plan dinner. He had to work that day, he normally goes in at 6 am and gets off at 4. So I was patiently waiting at home, by this time it was 430, waiting, waiting, waiting...what, no phone call. He doesn't have a cell, so could he have been in an accident??? Could he have stopped somewhere unexpected??? Again, how am I supposed to know without a phone call... It is now 6:00, what the heck. I am complaining to my sister and contemplating on whether I should call my in-laws, but why worry them. So 6:30 comes around and I get a phone call...yay!!! He got stopped by his chief for a yearly interview, and he clocked out at 5, I guess now he gets off at 5 every saturday, new to me. Anyway, I am mad at this point and don't care to eat or do anything, but we still went to the movie to laugh a little bit. Of course no dinner plans, so we get to the megaplex and get a 4 piece pan pizza..mmmm........fulfilling!! We get in to see our movie which is pretty funny, we are both Kevin James fans. This movie is rated PG and it is clean, no swear words at all!!
So that night only turned out bad because of my attitude, sorry Shawn.

It's hard to have a good time when you wait anxiously for a good night and then have plans change. I guess you live and learn. Sorry to complain, but I had to get it out :(
Anyway, very good movie, I do reccommend it only if you have one of those personalities where you can laugh at anything!!


Down the hill, up the hill....

The other day the Hall gang decided to go out and and some fun in the snow. We went to Mt Ogden Park to go tubing. We were all bundled up ready to face the cold, and of course it got so warm during play time that we all started taking our coats and scarves off. I was really nervous to go down due to an experience I had a while back. Shawn and I were at Rhomer park going tubing, we went down on the same one and I got scared so I tried to stop us and ended up with my ankle under the tube, yep, I sprained my ankle. Anyway, it all turned out to be some good ol' fun that day, I was going down the hill with all the kids. We took a few snow tubes and a few pook tubes, snow tubes worked out great, the pool ones...ah not so great. So we didn't have enough tubes for everyone, which was fine cause we still had fun watching everyone go down the hill. It was hilarious to watch the kids go down by themselves cause there wasn't an adult to hold them down, my nephew Graiden was going down with Emma , they hit a bump which caused Graiden's legs to fly up in the air. These pictures were taken with my new camera and I absolutely love the way they turned out, they are mostly black and white, but it's ok!

Mom & Emma

Luke and his fam coming up the hill
Dad, me, Grai and Emma

Shawn and Graiden

Maddie and Colby
Luke, Jeremy and Bree
Mom, Dad and Brooke

Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks...

We had a very fun and bright new year, it was extremely loud as well. Shawn had recieved a lot of fireworks, about $900 worth, and he got them for free. I can't stand fireworks, only the illegal ones because I know he can get in trouble for it, and where he works at the jail he can lose his job. Anyway, he absolutely loves fireworks, everything about them, lighting and watching. So for new years eve Shawn and I went with his brother Todd, his wife Anna and their daughter Reese to watch Marley & Me. It was such a cute movie, we were told to go in with tissue cause we would definitely need it, they weren't kidding. After the movie Todd dropped us off at home so Shawn could get his firework display set up and ready to go. My sister wanted to help him light all of them off, so she brought some friends over to watch. We were the only ones in the neighborhood lighting fireworks, so in a way I felt kind of bad for the neighbors, but hey it was a time to celebrate. Anyway, we had a great new year and we hope everyone else did as well!!!

Mysister Melody with artillery shells

Shawn loves this picture, it's my sister running

and cowering down trying not to get hurt.