Graiden's new hat

The other day my sisters, grai and i went shopping at michaels just to see what they have for the upcoming season. I absolutely love Fall, it's so relaxing and so gorgeous! Anyway, we were wandering the store and so was grai, he was running from aisle to aisle, i guess he found something he liked cause he showed up with what he thought was a hat. Once he met back up with us, we looked closely and noticed it was a small, very small shirt made for a doll or something. It was hilarious, he wore that around the whole store. We also went to Ben franklin and he found a hat there. It was a fun day to be with Grai!!

This is melody, we think she's scared...
or has a case of old man face!!

The end of softball!!

The season is FINALLY over... it begins to be game after game once a week, but when my husband thought he could handle two a week, it just got to be too much. At least he kept it to two teams, last year he was on three teams. I love softball, and i love to watch too, so i am kind of sad he's done, but he's talking about playing in the fall.

Anyway, K & K Glass didn't do too bad this year, i think they won 2-4 games, pretty good! His Easy Does It team did excellent, they ended up taking 3rd place and they even got a nice, shiny plaque!!! ooohhhh....

WAY TO GO TEAMS!!! Looking forward to next season! ;)

I am....

I am...
I am... young, happy and easy going
I know... life isn’t easy
I want...a house
I once... owned a house
I wish... I had started school after high school
I hate...bad days
I miss... Making out, (totally agree)
I hear... people at work talking
I coconut lotion I just put on
I have... most the things I need and want
I crave... pina coladas, & chips and salsa
I search... for everything Shawn is searching for….
I wonder... how long we will live with my parents…when I will start school…
If Shawn and I could build a brand new house.
I regret... selling my house
I love... my husband and my cute li’l puppies
I will not... drive unless I have to…
I always... keep a tight budget when shopping
I am not...happy that Zjani left me at work alone….:(
I miracles, where you from, you sexy thang!!!
I dance... in the moonlight!
I sing... in my car
I don't always... say my prayers….
I win... cause I’m #1
I never... care to drink or smoke..yuck!
I listen... only when I feel the need to
I can usually... do most things on my own
I am happy about... my husband going back to school so we can
have a good life as a family!
I tag... keri, kim, kate, and steph

Family Pictures

We took pictures as a family last sunday at the Layton Park, we figured it was time to update the old ones. There were a couple gorgeous additions in the last two years.

Thanks Erin, you did a great job!!

Our Anniversary!!!!

**warning...lots of pictures**

This past week we celebrated our 5 year anniversary, we decided to go to Las Vegas and sweat like we've never sweat before. Oh my is so hot down there, it was about 105 degrees the couple days we were down there. We stayed at the Ramada in St. George thanks to our bro-in-law ellis, and in vegas we stayed at Circus Circus. We left wed and stopped at my cousins house in Veyo, and on the way down it poured like was so heavy coming down and the roads were filling up with water, i miss the rain, we totally need to get some here. Anyway, we left for vegas friday and left sunday. We visited the Ethel M choc factory, the aquarium at Silverton hotel, of course we walked the strip (not a good idea to do that in your flip flops..ouch and eeewwww...) I want to go on and on with our days, but it's too long, so i will just put up some pics and you can check it out!!

i know, i know..a lot of pics, but just you wait....i have more!!! dun, dun, dun...

Boxes for sale...

So i am sure most of you already have one of these because you have all had babies, but if there is someone else having a baby, or anyone that would like one, i can make it for you!

I usually do 3 colors, but if you want more, let me know.
Price: $25-30.00 depending on what you want on it, and how many colors you request.
Let me know, i really don't mind doing this on the side, i love to paint.

Please leave a comment, or email, text or call!


Class is in session..

This past week Shawn signed up for some classes at the Roy ATC. The main class he has to focus on is math, he is starting out with what he remembers...beginners :) but hey, there's no makin fun, i don't know many people who really care for math, or even use it day to day, (except kate, she loves it) He is also doing comp. literacy. Once he is done with these classes, he can transfer them up to WSU.

As for me on the other hand, i am at a pause in my life. I want to go to school, but i don't really have a passion for anything specific. So good luck to my husband in his studies! Way to take the first step!!!!