Just some cute pics

Here is my niece Brooke Lynn, she is so adorable, I just thought I'd share these with everyone. I noticed her laying on the ground next to a little hat, she kept playing with it, putting it on her head and laying on it. So I put the hat back on her head and took close ups. Look how adorable this little babe is....

Here are some other pics of the other chillins, they are just playin around!

Future Photographer

Look at that face...

Happy (early) Thanksgiving

Instead of being like everyone else this year, my family decided to celebrate Thanksgiving just a couple days early. We have our reasons for choosing to do so, my little sis Maddie is having her gallbladder taken out on Wed, and my bro and his fam might be a little busy this weekend going to Southern Utah. So we thought it would be nice if all the family could get together and enjoy eachothers company. It was actually very nice doing it earlier, we got all our shopping done on Sat, and it wasn't as busy as it will be on Wed.

So I guess we are going to start a new tradition every year with the rolls, it's actually a pretty funny story. Last year while the rolls were in the oven, the pan was a little too close to the glass and when the oven warmed up the pan cracked/shattered the glass. We were all together in the front room when we heard a loud noise, sounded like a big boom, so we all run into the kitchen to see what happened and notice the glass on the oven, good thing it was still under warranty! Anyway this year we made quite a few rolls, so this one's ok. When getting the rolls ready, my dad sprays pam on selafane wrap and covers the rolls. Maddie put a pan in the oven upstairs and the other 2 went downstairs, all cooking at once. The ones upstairs (maddie put in) were done and my bro and Shawn were testing them, they noticed plastic all over the top of the rolls... Something always happens on the big holidays, and it's so much fun to have the family around to experience it! We also played scattegories, it's a family thing, and we don't always play for serious just for fun. So here are some pics of that too.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

Shawn made the turkey and even did dishes afterward,
such a sweet husband!


So a couple of my friends (kim and zjani) and I went to see Twilight on saturday, we chose a matinee, the cheaper the better right... anyway, to start with the agony me and Zjani were starving and we sat by a row of girls who had platters from what looked like costa vida..man that was pain. Once the movie started we were done drooling, the movie took our minds off the food. All in all I was not that interested in the movie, I had read the book, but the movie totally ruined it for me. My sister said she left after 45 minutes of watching, she couldn't handle it anymore, she said it was like a bad porno. Wow, she wasn't kidding... it was so awkward, the staring and the heavy breathing, seriously get it done and over with already. Ok, ok..it wasn't the worst movie I had ever seen, I liked the baseball game cause that was probably the most entertaining part of the movie. I hope the second movie is a bit better than this one.

Early Christmas Present

I know this isn't the best time to even think about getting a truck, but we did. Shawn's brothers Todd and Chad both have trucks and that really got Shawn thinking that he needs one too, oh bother. Anyway, I gave in to letting him get one after he'd looked almost every hour of every day at tons of websites, dealerships, and even just around the neighborhood, he never seemed to give up, very determined. So this is our new truck, it's a 2004 Nissan Titan, it has the shell that came with it and it's actually pretty nice. I am just hoping that gas doesn't go up $12.00 a gallon...or else...dun, dun, dun....

Thanksgiving Tag

Everyday write something you are thankful for on the side of your blog. At the end of November you will have an awesome list of things you probably didn't even know of!
Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year..

It's that time of year for basketball...GO JAZZ!!!
My family and I love to watch the Utah Jazz during basket ball season, we keep up on every game. So far this season has been very tough on them, they are out on 4 of their starters, but all in all they have been doing pretty good for themselves. Anyway, the night before I had my surgery my sister, her husband, shawn and I all went down to this is the place for a halloween scare. They had a maze set up with a ton of scary props, and they even had the headless horseman....it was so much fun. After we finished the maze i decided i had to get something in my stomach before i had to fast, so we stopped by good ol' mcdonalds. We just wanted to order and go, so we went through the drive thru and the guy who helped us asked if we like basketbal...duh, who doesn't?? He mentioned that some of the jazz players were in there, so me and my sister got out of the car and ran inside to check it out. Maddie went right up to Boozer and started talking to him, he was sitting next to C.J. Miles, keeping their distance of course, and I was standing up just hangin out. I didn't talk cause I felt bad, they are normal people who need to eat, so i didn't want to interrupt their dinner, I even had my camera in my pocket, but I didn't want to act like the paparazzi. Anyway, we saw C.J. miles, boozer and ronnie brewer, they are sooooo.....tall!! It was a pretty good night overall!!

This is hilarious

So i was looking at my cousin Lauren's blog and i saw that she and Jay D got their pics drawn as cartoons. I thought it was so cute so i contacted her cousin to have him draw me and shawn. The picture below is the main picture at the top of my page, i think it's hilarious. I honestly don't think Shawn has that big of a head, but we've had a couple cartoon pics drawn of us and his head is always bigger than it is in the pics. Anyway, check it out at http://www.drawyoufunny.com and he'll draw you for free!

nap time

Here is a just because post, not much goin on right now, so here it is. The other night we were hanging out in the front room and just relaxing, even the dogs were tired. It's so cute when our dogs get tired, they know when it's getting close to bedtime, it doesn't matter where they are in the house they will circle around and find a comfy spot to lay down. Koda found her place to lay down, but Harry, ever since we shaved him he thinks he belongs on the couch, bed and our laps, he is just being a hairless baby. So Shawn was laying down on the ground and since no one would let Hare on the couch he decided to jump on Shawn's back and lay down, it was so cute to see him snuggle up to shawn.

can't forget koda bear

The ending of another month

Well as you all know another month has come and gone. It seems like the months are just going by faster and faster, which is kind of sad. My favorite thing about halloween is the decorating and all the fun it brings. As i have posted before about our liking to decorate, play and dress up, it is absolutely the best part of october. This year however was a HUGE dissapointment...Shawn had everything ready for the trick-or-treaters, his props, chainsaw and of course all the candy. We had just got home from visiting shawn's family and having our dinner, chili and breadsticks..mmmm....when we noticed the church parking lot completely full of cars. We were so upset about that cause we were told no trunk-or-treating this year :( Anyway, we had about a dozen kids show up, and no scares. So i went with my nieces and nephews over to the church and got to see all the costumes the kids were wearing.
Enjoyin some good ol' chili

Graiden and JeremyTucker, Kendall, Reese and Jaycee

Tuck the hulk
Kaleb the little monkey
Emma Lee

Bree & Brooke

My bro-in-law Ellis dressed up for his work and needed some help, so who other than me and shawn. We did his makeup the night before halloween, then we woke up at 430 to touch it up before he went to work. He was a dead "hangman" we made him up to look dead, like he was hung, then we played hangman on the back of his shirt. It was pretty funny! My nephew Grai was watching us do his dad's makeup so he wanted to play too, good sport! Anyway, ellis ended up winning 1st place for his costume and won gift cards to lonestar restaraunt, so he gave shawn and i one of the cards so we can enjoy. What a nice guy!!

Shawn and ColbyMe & Shawn