Back to reality..

So we got back from Oregon lastnight, or early this morning about 2 am. Oh my bug, the drive to Oregon was horrible, it seemed like it went on forever, nothing but a straight shot and nothing to look By the time we could look at the beautiful scenery that we have been told about it was pitch dark. We stayed at our friends apartment in Portland, Oregon and it was very nice to get away and relax. Our friends haven't really been around too long to see a lot there, so they weren't sure what to do. All we wanted to do is drive and check things out, so we went downtown to get a little looksie. There is this one place my sister suggested, she got married at this place called Voodoo doughnuts, she said that we had to go check it out and try all the different doughnuts they have there. We bought a dozen while we were there and they had some wierd choices. They have this one that is very popular, it's a maple bar with bacon on it...i wouldn't eat it, anyway they have capn crunch, m&m's, coco puffs and a bunch of other kinds. Saturday we decided to go out, way out..we went to get some pumpkins at a pumpkin patch which was so fun. We took a boat ride out to the patch, picked our pumpkins then rode a train back to our cars, it was a lot better than buying them plane ol jane at the store. After the patch we went toAstoria to see the Goonie house (awkward, the owner kept staring at us) then we saw the coast, sea lions and had fish and chips on the shore. After dinner we went to Sunset beach and barely got there in time to get some nice pictures. It was so gorgeous there, nice, breezy and just perfect. We went to walk along the shore and the water came up on us too quick to get away from, that water was freezing, but once you get past the painful feeling and you go numb, it's amazing.

The drive there

Our friends

The pumpkin patch


Gone to Oregon!!!!

Sorry no updates yet, we have been busy packing and getting our stuff ready so we can go to Oregon....YAY!!!!!! We are leaving today and won't be back till next week. I promise there will be lots of pics to post, so just check up on us sometime next week, you won't regret it! ;)

See ya later!!

Family time at the cabin

This last weekend the McCrary side of the family all went up for our yearly trip to the cabin. We go every september and just stay for a weekend, the cabin is up by nordic valley. you can imagine what it looks like up there this time of year, it's so gorgeous, the ride alone was great! The main thing we do up there is visit and watch movies which is nice because it's hard for all our families to arrange their schedules for family time. The cabin is in an enclosed area surrounded by beautiful trees and a pond with ducks and swans. Here are some pics of the fam and our fun!!

kendall, reese, jaycee and tuck
getting ready for bed

me, tucker and shawn on the paddle boat

shawn and todd, oh so close!

chad, kaleb, tuck and brant

shawn and the kids checking
out the ducks.

cute little kaleb...awww!!

jen, jaycee and shawn enjoying
a little paddle.

HogLe ZOo

Today we got to go to the Hogle Zoo. Shawn and I have never been, so we thought today would be nice to spend some time together and see all the interesting animals. We saw so many animals, but we had to sit and wait for them to come out and make our money worth while. I swear, they know we pay to see them, so they want to make every penny worth while!! My favorite was the albino alligator and tiger, they were so cool! Here are a few pictures of our fun-filled-exciting day.....enjoy!!!



* time spent with shawn
* dogs
* family

* never having children
* losing shawn
* debt

* starting a family
* figure out what I want for my career
* exercise more

* blogging…duh!!
* crafts
* keeping clean (germaphobe)

* I was married at 19
* I went to nail school at Stacey’s
* I am very picky


* Keri
* Zjani
* Lauren
* Erin
* Kim

still here!! a little bit of...

Sorry we haven't blogged in a while, it's kind of been busy and slow at the same time. Don't you just have those days that you feel like you should do something, but on the other hand you just feel like relaxing and taking it easy?? Well, that's how i've been...

Oh, my favorite show just came back on for the season and i am so excited to watch it when i can, it's Kitchen Nightmares. I love Chef Ramsey, i would never want to be in his kitchen or any for that fact. You should check it out if you have time, it's worth it. Yes he swears too much, but it's all bleeped out.

So i have been out taking pics just because, and i am actually having a lot of fun doing it. I think it would be fun to take a photography class and learn different things about cameras and taking the pics. Anyway here are some pics of my nephew Graiden, and just others of the yard.