Well, it's been a bit busy in our lives lately. We both started new jobs, been busy with our church callings and family as well. My job is with the HCA Supply Chain in Kaysville. I do the accounts payable side, which I have NO experience in what so ever. I have been there for a couple months now and I am still having a hard time. I feel completely lost and sit and wonder what I do first, and when I am supposed to manually key accounts and pay them...too muc
h too soon. Shawn on the other hand is Self Employed with a company called Network FOB. He is a broker for this
trucking company. It keeps him extremely busy and by the time I get home from work, he
turns around to do a side job with his brother.
So to fit some of our quality time in, we went to Ogden Canyon last weekend to snap a few shots. It was so pretty up there. I also got some more shots of my little sister and her family.


This year we decided to stay close to home for the holiday. It was really nice not having to split between the families and run every where to be here at this time, have to be there at this time...uh uh..none of that!! We talked with our neighbors and decided to get together and have a block party. It was a memorable 4th because it was not like the other ones we normally have. Sure we had bbq and lots of food...I mean LOTS and LOTS of food... We thought everyone would set their food up at their house and we could all wander around and visit. Didn't happen that way...all the food ended up at my parents house, all the chairs were on the lawn, tables with food, and 2 grills, yeah...it was pretty crowded on their small front yard. We had a ton of fun with the visiting and especially the fireworks. Shawn is the biggest pyro around this time of year, he was lighting whatever he could get his hands on. Of course he made his trip to Evanston to make it even better, and it was. There was one mishap that night with a firework. The ones that were pronounced legal for Utah should not be legal. Our neighbor bought an aerial from one of the stands near by, he was so excited to light it and as soon as he did, the first shot went off then knocked the aerial over on its side and the shots were not going straight up in the air...no way...they were shooting at cars, people and in the field next to our house, yep you read that right...the FIELD. Needless to say we did have adrenaline pumping pretty hard when Shawn yelled "Grab the hoses"....WHAT??? Yeah we had a small fire in the field, but thank goodness for all the guys for rushing over there with buckets of water, it was put out and we didn't have to call the fire dept. What a relief! We had the same thing happen at our cousins house on the 2nd. Same dang firework caught their neighbors tree on fire, more buckets of water, hoses and lots of running around. All the boys got that one out too, but the fire dept was called just in case. The tree was up against the lady's house, so we didn't want any hot spots to start a house fire. Thank goodness for the fire dept. WOW....what a weekend!! Hope all of you had a safe and fun 4th!!!

o how i miss this face

My little sister and her family just moved to Provo recently, and yes, I am a little sad :(

They used to be at my parent's house (my home) all the time and I could play with little Hallie when I came home from work. Now when I come home, Hal not there, I am actually kinda bored. She is so fun to play with, and she is trying to talk now. Last Sunday she said clear as day...Shawn. It was so cute :) She calls me mi-mi, we are trying to get her to say ni-ni, but mi-mi is good enough. I know I took the time they were here for granted and I do regret that, so now when they come to visit I will make time to visit. Miss you guys.

One last time for the camera before they left

Easter...love PEEPS!!

Look at that face...ooohhh :(

We gotta a lotta watta

Wow....these pictures really don't do any justice for how much water there is. This is the Ogden river which is flowing very fast, making it very scary. The river is starting to flood the backyard of the peoples homes.

Shawn pretending to fall in...crazy boy!

We know what fun is

Ok so it's not Lagoon...but Boondocks is still pretty fun! We went with our friends Travis and Teresa to boondocks and spent a good portion of our day there(a few weeks ago). It's so fun to bring the inner child out and play for a while. We played mini golf a few times and each time I got a hole-in-one!!! Shawn thinks he is the only one that's so amazing at golf...think again buddy...think again!! I know, it's kinda lame, but I like the pictures and thought I should post them.

March Craft

So I am beginning to feel the need to do monthly crafts. I prefer to do them over homework!!

I get this ancy feeling in me that's telling me to get busy and do something fun and productive :)
So this is what I came up with this month..well one of the crafts. I did a dark set and a lighter set, I think they turned out pretty cute!

Bat dog

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh....BATDOG!!!

Grandma's Funeral

We went down to St. George for my Grandma's funeral, and it was so beautiful. The weather was perfect, all the family but 3 cousins were there (pretty amazing), the company was great to be around, and of course the food...so good!!! After the funeral services we had some cousins staying at the hotel we were at, so we all got together and called more of our cousins to come have pizza and just hang out. Well, there were so many of us in the commons area, I guess there were complaints about us being too loud...oops! The next day we all went to a park for a lunch, and that was so nice to hang out, the boys were playing basketball, girls were visiting and the kids were being kids. I am sad that it takes a funeral to get the family together, but it was a great visit!

My Dad & his siblings

My uncle's kelly & alan...funny boys!!

She lived a great life

We recieved some bad news Jan 28 this year, yeah, bad news already. My Grandma Hall passed away suddenly with her kids by her side. She was such a great Grandma to all of us kids here, and even to everyone else she came in contact with. The one thing I think our whole family remembers about her is the food she always prepared for us while visiting. Her food was amazing!! Didn't matter what she made, it was always so perfect and delicious. One of my many memories of her is being at her house when we were little and she was in the kitchen (of course), grandpa watching tv or doing something outside, and all of us kids just waiting for lunch, or dinner. Nobody could ever pass up her food, there was something in it that we just couldn't resist. Grandma=Food!!! :)

We are sad that she is gone, but we know we are all going to see her again, just as she got to experience with my Grandpa. He has been gone for 15 years and she was just waiting to be with him. I am sure it was great for the both of them to reunite and see eachother again. Love you Grandma!


Another year come and gone...geez...why does it go so fast? Shawn and I had a good Christmas this year, we didn't spoil eachother, kinda kept it low key. We both got some clothes for eachother, and good job to Shawn for getting me pants that fit and look cute!! We spent Christmas Eve at his parents, had some great food, played games and opened our presents. I was dreading the rest of our time at his parents cause they always watch Christmas Story...ugh...that movie is horrible, thank goodness there was a lot of noise and no attention to the tv. We spent Christmas morning at my parents, had chorizo for breakfast, separated all the presents and waited for everyone else to show up. My nephew Graiden was so excited for the presents, he helped crawl under the tree to get all the presents out from under to put in their piles..he loved every minute of it. Once everyone was there we took turns opening presents, we ususally let the families with kids go first cause we're not that anxious. It was our turn to open and I was so excited cause I had a big box (which I saved for last) thinking it was a Cricut. I had been talking about getting one for quite a while, and I would hint to Shawn everytime we were at a craft store. I had my nieces help me open the "big box" and as the paper started coming off I looked at the box and saw a hose...cricuts don't have hoses... more paper came off and I saw wheels...Shawn got me a Shopvac. SERIOULSY...A SHOPVAC
Needless to say I was very upset, and I looked at Shawn (he was grinning) saying "it's a shopvac." He told me all the cricuts were out, but he walked away with a good deal on the vac. I don't care...I want my cricut!!! So I went to the bathroom to finish my hair and he followed, my chin started quivering and yeah...I was crying :( I know it's the thought that counts, and presents aren't that important, but it was still upsetting to me. He gave up his little secret and told me I had a cricut at his parents that I was to open later...so I stopped crying, smiled and gave him a hug! He is such a good guy! Anyway...it was a Great Christmas!!!