A Saturday with family

Yesterday (sat) we all got together as family for such a special day...it was our oldest niece's baptism. We as her family are all so proud of her for making such a great choice in her life, it's the biggest one she's had to make yet!! Jaycee looked so beautiful yesterday in her white dress, and you could see it in her face that she was so happy to get baptized!! After the baptism we all went to Jen and Brants house to change and pick a place for dinner, we chose to go to Famous Daves...who doesn't like a good ol' bbq after such a great day?? Here are a few pics of dinner, they are not the best, it was kind of dark in there, but hope you enjoy!!

The whole McCrary/Wheeler fam

Reese & Jaycee

Kendall, Brant, Jen & Tucker

Stephanie, Kaleb and Chad

Chad, Cal and Marsi

Nothing much goin on

Ok, so Easter was a couple weeks ago and I am just barely posting about it...go ahead and call me a slacker!!! It was a very nice day, and I was actually very surprised that my whole family had the day off. Of course we went to church, well only sacrament cause we had to go to Shawn's parents for lunch. When we got to his parents house we got to visit with both sets of grandparents and play with all the nieces and nephews there, it was a full house! Then we came back to our house where we had my whole family there, and of course more food. We ended up having bbq chicken and ribs, potato salad, baked beans, deviled eggs and so on and so on...
On to the egg hunts-at Shawn's parents the kids all got a bag and went to the front to find the eggs with their first initial on them, they each got 6 big eggs (my m-i-l is so organized) and a basket..so much candy!!
At my parents we got a ton a little eggs filled with candy, and 6 big eggs with candy and money. We hid all the eggs in the backyard, and we wanted to make it more confusing for the kids so we got some colored plastic balls and put them all over the yard too..then my sis in law came over and put squeeze its, crackers, marshmallow treat bags, and so much more, she made it so much fun with all that. Needless to say, we all ended up with goodies and full bellies that night!

Emma is so excited
Graiden showing Jer the kites

Brooke thought she got an egg...
Jeremy was on a roll
Dad & Luke fixin up some grub
Mel & Shawn getting the kite ready
Shawn & Bree

Colby was there to save the day Me & my bear Koda

A day at the duck pond
My little sister Maddie and I took Grai to Wendy's to grab a snack before we went to play with the ducks. As we sat down on a bench to have our fries and nuggets, Grai wanted a fry and ended up dumping all the fries on the ground. That's when all the ducks started coming up toward us, they only like us when they want something. So we fed them, chased them and wathced them swim around. It was a beautiful day to be outside, I love this weather!!!

Grai wanted to touch the duck