Well the past couple days have been kind of a drag...i just had a lap with laser surgery on tuesday. So i have been down for the last couple days, and it has been so miserable and boring, which would have given me lots of time to blog, but...you know how that goes. Anyway, my surgery went well, it was only a 45 min surg, but i was told to go in at 1145, then i got a call saying come in at 1245 pm, so i did. As soon as i checked in i was called to do a pee test, so that was quick, but once that was done with i sat for about another couple hours. I got into surgery about 4:00 pm, which got me out of the hospital, recovery and all about 7:30 pm. My doctor went to consult shawn about what he found and what he did. He did say that i had endimetriosis that was crowding my right ovary, so he lasered all of it off, he also mentioned that i had some endo around my colon area, removed that also. I am thankful i got this done, now i won't be in so much pain month to month. Doc also said with the removal of the endo i should be able to get pregnant, he said i couldn't have got prego with all that crowding my ovary. So we are hoping something happens soon!!! Anyway, more blogging after halloween!!! See ya later...
here i am sleeping off the loretab

the covered incision on my belly button

What a relief

If you remember from the last post i mentioned what was stolen, most of it replaceable, but at what price?? Well, the same day it all happened we ended up getting something returned. Some guy who lives not too far from our house got home from work and his wife told him what she found in the front yard, Shawn's backpack...YAY!!! He was such a nice and honest guy to have it in his heart to take time out of his day to return something so important. When he dropped it off my dad asked him if he found other items in his yard, he said it was just the b-pack. I guess who ever took it didn't care to learn...so he just dropped it off in someone's yard and took the rest. So to that guy who returned the backpack, we are grateful that he is one of the honest people out in our crazy world.


(ok, it's only breaking news to us, but i did get your attention)

Reported early this morning a Hooper resident Shawn McCrary was going to his car to leave for work, he noticed another car in his driveway with the trunk wide open, he got suspicious and checked his car. When he looked in his car he discovered to find his backpack with all his school books, his sheriff's hat, and his baseball bag have been stolen. He returned into his home and asked his wife and other family members if they had seen them around the house anywhere...nobody had seen any of his belongings. Come to find out his sister-in-law who owns the car that had the trunk open states that she is missing a radar and nintendo 64. If any of you notice a suspicious person wearing a new, crisp sheriff's hat, or maybe carrying expensive bats around, stop them and kindly return the stolen items back to this man who desperately needs them back.
"This is Bonnie McCrary reporting live....
Stay classy Utah!" (will ferrel in anchorman)

Sad to say all this is true, Shawn had the sheriff's dept come to the house this morning to check it out. They checked for fingerprints and said if they find something they would let him know. All his school books and worksheets were stolen, and those don't come cheap. Even all his baseball gear is gone, he had some pretty expensive bats in there too, sorry to all those who absolutely loved the famous orange bat, that's gone too... :(

***there is a lesson to be learned here...LOCK ALL YOUR DOORS!!!!!***

Even if you are stopping somewhere real quick, lock them, if you are leaving the house to go for a walk around the block...lock the door. It's pretty scary to know that we cannot trust anyone anymore, and it's not going to get any better.

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So as some of you know, we love this holiday and try to go all out. The three years we lived at our house we did a "haunted house" in our garage, the first year was fun, second was better and last year was the best. All the kids in the neighborhood kept coming back just to check everything out, they would come up to shawn and try to get his attention. Shawn would dress up as Michael Meyers from the movie halloween and carry a chainsaw (without the chain) and he would chase the kids up and down the street. It was such a fun time, and we loved watching all the kids, they didn't do trunk or treating in our neighborhood they actually did what we did as kids...walk from house to house. Anyway, it was just announced last week that they won't be doing trunk or treating this year in our area.. YAY!!! I love when the kids come up to the door and they are just so happy to show off their costumes.
So we decided to decorate what we could here at the house, and we see lots of people driving slow just checking things out. Here are some pictures of what we have done, it all looks ok during the day, but it's best at night, we have strobe lights, black lights, and lots of colorful lights all over. Spooky ooky.....

who wants a new purse???

so i was blog browsing and i found this website for a free purse. you can visit the website and choose a purse, they are giving away free purses. check it out at:

Pumpkin party

This past saturday we invited a few people over for a pumpkin carving party. My sister thought this up, she wanted to make lots of food including pumpkin, we only made pies and a pumpkin roll, didn't want to make too much. Anyway, we also had a carving contest which never got judged, oh well, it was fun just to hang out. After visiting and carving, those of us that were left started watching Monster Squad...."wolfman's got nards" that's the best part of the show. Zjani kept asking if we wanted to bake the pumpkin seeds, my sister and i were kinda ugh..whatev, but Zjani would not give it up, so we gave in and tried something new, i hope she enjoyed them!! They were pretty good, just one after another, i got kind of parched..;) So we put our pumpkins on the porch in the freezing cold, then to see them the next morning all covered in snow was not something we were expecting. Seriously, what the duece??? I thought we were only supposed to get a few inches, maybe a skiff, heck no...we got 11 inches. Here's to a harsh winter!!!
Me & Zjani

Graiden & Levi

Shawn, Colby & Sandy

Zjani & Melody picking the seeds

We got a CALLING....

So yesterday Oct 12, 2008 (fast sunday), we were getting ready for church, or at least i was, Shawn was getting something to eat. As he was pouring his bowl of cereal my dad asked "isn't it fast sunday today?" shawn was now pouring the milk and he thought, well i can't let this go to waste, so he went on to eat it. As he started eating, the phone rang....dun, dun, dun.....that's right, someone for the church calling for me and shawn. I was in the bathroom doing my hair and i had the door open so i could hear, and this is what i heard "hello, this is he, yeah we are planning on coming, at 10:30, let me ask my wife.." Uh huh, we had to meet with the bishop before church. We get there and the bishop was asking how we were doing in the ward, and if we were comfortable...he then mentioned that people have asked for our help. So Shawn is now a sunday school teacher for the 14-17 year olds, and I am in the primary, not sure what I am doing, neither does the bishop, but he said we'll find out soon.
We talked about the callings after church, and we both figure it's a blessing to be called, we get to teach the youth, and we get to serve the Lord. We are greatful for our callings, and we feel this will help us spirtually, which is something we both need right now!!


we learned our lesson!!!

This is the COOLEST picture

Just thought i'd post these pics. When we were in Oregon golfing with our friends, we were looking around and noticed this

Another Sunday drive

So we love to go on Sunday drives through Ogden canyon, going through Trappers loop, and coming home out through Mtn Green. We went up to Snowbasin to take some pictures, it was a pretty cold and breezy day. I couldn't believe that there was already SNOW, uh huh, SNOW on the mountains...it was so nice to see, i am actually excited for the snow to come. We just took some random pictures and enjoyed eachothers company. I think that's what we are going to do for the rest of our lives, it's kind of lame but we enjoy it.
i love the raindrops in this picture


I am supposed to tell you 5 things you may not know about my nephew Graiden. My sis in law Erin appointed me to do this since my sister doesn't have a blog. Here it goes--Make sure you check the bottom to see if you have been tagged if you have JUST DO IT!


1. He loves to go outside to play golf!!

2. He will grab anything that looks like a club and start swinging.

3. He is starting to go #2 in the big boy toilet.

4. He has 4 cousins, all from Luke & Erin.. :)

5. He has naturally curly hair...so cute!!

that's all i really know about him, i don't do all the lovey dovey stuff with him that his mom does, he is just my nephew!!

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Our sleepy dogs..

Koda and Harry were so tired this night, it was way past their bedtime. They normally go to bed about 9:00, and these pictures were taken about 10:00, they are so funny. If we are all hanging out in the front room and it gets around 9:00, koda starts wandering around waiting to see if shawn and i follow, once she notices nobody's coming, she walks herself into our bedroom and goes right to bed. Here are some random pictures of our pupswhat are you looking at?

how cute...

While on our trip we stopped at a park to take pictures. The main reason for pics were for our friends, they wanted to get family pictures, so we figured we could take some of our own too.


Here are some pictures of the famous voodoo doughnut shop i was told to go to. The doughnuts are pretty good and normally don't care to eat them, but i did give these ones a chance. If you ever go to Oregon, check it out!!


Like i say, we stopped by the house from Goonie's and it was quite the awkward visit, we did get our pictures though. The owners have done some remodeling on the exterior of the house, even the yard, it was much smaller than in the movie. We even got some pics of the neighborhood, those houses are actually pretty nice compared to what we have here, the same ol' same ol'. Shawn said he was going to knock on the door and ask if he could go in, but just the feel from the owner, he was far from asking, oh well. One more thing before we left the house, Shawn had to do the famous "truffle shuffle" it was so funny just being there and saying quotes from the movie. Anyway, hope you enjoy all the pictures!!


We got to the beach just in time to get pictures of the sunset, as soon as I got my 4-5 pics, the sun went down so fast. It was so gorgeous at the beach and we can't wait to go back.