update on softball

The team that shawn plays for on friday's is K & K Glass, they have been playing so hard this season. Their last game was 06/27, they kicked some butt!!!! the final score was 26-8, i can't believe how well they did, and the team they played against was the first game of the season, that game i can say wasn't as good as this last one. Way to go guys!!!! Now we look forward to the tournaments....

hey horsie...

So my nephew Graiden wasn't too fond of my dogs before we moved into my parents house, but ever since we've moved in he is the biggest terror to them and he loves it. He gets his little cars and chases them around the house, then he sits on them, pulls their ears, eyes and tails. My dogs are actually afraid of him, he comes at them so fast and is grunting the whole time, it's so funny. Anyway, he thinks koda is a horse, so he sits on her and spanks her bum and says "go." Unfortunately koda just lays there and lets him do whatever he can to her, she is so good with kids, but there are boundaries...oh well, as long as she is ok with it, so am I!

haunted house

I know it's a little late, but i found these pics from halloween and i had to put them up. Each year that we were at our house Shawn had to put on a big show for halloween night, he would go all out, expenses and all just to make a perfect haunted house. He had a michael myers mask from highschool that he would wear along with a dark jumpsuit, he looked pretty scary. Anyway, to add to his character he had a chainsaw (no chain) that he would scare the kids with. We had so many props in our garage and backyard, what made it even better was our neighbors participated and helped scare the kids, it was so much fun! The kids would start at the gate, and our neighbor Debbie was handing out candy to the kids that didn't want to go through the backyard, but the kids that went through had to go around the yard and come up to me. I had another bowl of candy, i would give it to them and then knock on our garage door, our neighbor Ed opened the door and his daughters were in the garage screaming, they were tied up, and Shawn was wandering around in the dark, no one could see him cause of all the fog and strobe lights going. As soon as the kids entered the garage they tried to run out as fast as they could, Shawn caught up to them, he would rev the chainsaw just a little bit while they came in, then he would rev it up as much as he could and chased them out the garage, even down the street. Good times, hopefully we can do it again soon!

These were our neighbors, Big Ed, Rianna, Mallory, Stevie, and little Ed.
Unfortunately little Ed passed away this past spring, he had a severe case of cancer. :(

just me & shawn

So we got a little camera happy, c'mon give us a break....there's just a few!

out on the town...dinner!

This past weekend out BEST, BEST, BEST friends came down to visit from Oregon, they are here for two weeks which is awesome. Yeah we won't hang out with them everyday because all their family is here, but we have managed to squeeze in a day or two. Anyway, we have known them since we got married, we moved into their basement apartment. We lived with them for about a year, and honestly it was the best relationship we have ever had. Anytime we wanted to hang out we knocked on their door and waited, and waited, once they got to the door we sat and talked for hours on end. They moved for school, so not exactly by choice. We got some pics of them, not a lot, but atleast i got them on here!!!
Travis, Teresa and Landon, Breklynn is not with us. :(

Father's Day!!

For father's day we had a what you call "relax" kind of day. My sisters and I stayed at my parents house for a bit, started getting the dinner ready while the boys went out and hit a bucket of balls, along with all the rest of the father's here in Utah. Anyway, we gave my dad some money he could put toward a bike, and a putting green, and for Cal we all pitched in and got him an MP3 player to go with all the other electronics that guy has...wow..! All in all it was a very nice day! my sister and her friend brought their boys out to play in the baby pool, which was very fun to watch. My sister's friends are down from Oregon to visit and they have the cutest little boy name Taylyn, oh my gosh he's adorable!

Shawn and I washed my car, his car and my parent's car. my niece Emma wanted to help spray the cars down before and after they were washed. After the cars were washed, she figured while she had the hose out there was no way she was done yet, so she watered all the plants out front and watered our feet. I hope our father's and every other father had a great day and got what they wanted out of it!!

Here's some more picture's i need to put on here just cause they are so cute and funny!!
There's one of mom and dad, a couple of Shawn with our niece Brook Lynn, he was trying to put her to sleep, he's going to be a great dad someday. Then i got some of my nephew Jeremy with grandpa's glasses on.

This one's for you Erin!!

We miss our lawn..

Since living here at my parents house we haven't been able to lay out on the grass, or even get out and mow it. They are in the process of getting their lawn in, right now there are ditces in the yard with pipes laying around ready for sprinklers. My nephew is the biggest help, he is always, always out there helping my dad, or just hanging out there by himself. He has his own wheelbarrow and yard tools that he plays around with when the guys are actually out working. Shawn, my dad and my brothers in law have been out there a lot , so hopefully with enough time and effort we can play outside soon!!!

Here's our old yard........lot's of love and hard work went into it.

Here's the new yard.....lot's of love and work definitely need to go into this one!


For the past few weeks when Shawn and i would be driving in my car (little red) we could hear this loud humming noise in the engine. So we called hyundai to see if they could take a look at it, and when we get there we talk to the guy at the service desk about our problem, he asked if we were the original owners, and we weren't. He dropped the bomb on us there...he said if we were the original owners the we could have the 10 year/100,000 mile drive train warranty, but since we weren't we would be paying out of pocket. We didn't owe much more on the car as it was, so we talked about trading it in, or selling it. Well, we traded it in!! We went back to hyundai to look at new elantra's, or whatever was priced in our range, and we test drove a few of the cars on their lot, needless to say that night we left with our brand new, off the lot elantra. It's such a nice car, i feel like an actual grown up, i don't feel like a clown anymore!! It's quite roomy in there, which i am not used to, and it's more comfortable. The color of the car is called "black pearl," yep, shawn wants to get lettering on the back saying "JACK," or getting a pic of a pirate ship. I think we will leave it as is for right now. Anyway, it was very sad getting rid of little red, i didn't think we would take off and leave it that night. That car is seriously coming back to haunt me already, i see the same car everywhere i go. Hopefully i will get over it soon!




WE FINALLY CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE.......YESSSSS!!!!!! WE ARE OUT AND LIVING WITH MY PARENTS...yeah!!! We closed on fri 06/06 and we have till mon 06/09 we should be totally out. All of our stuff is out and in storage. Here are some pics of "old" home, where home is currently located, and the new place we call temporary. It's a sad deal, but at least we can start clean and have a big chunk of change to put down on to a new home. Just sittin, waiting, and wishing...


Shawn and i decided to go hit a bucket of balls the other day at Toads (used to be mulligans) and we did a fantastic job!!! I don't normally like to golf, i like to mini golf, but not real golf. Shawn on the other hand LOVES to golf, any chance he gets, he goes. If it's not on the green, it's on the Wii. Anyway, here are some of the pics we took.


My family and I used to go to Texas about every couple years for Christmas when i was younger. My mom's family is down there and we would always stay at Grandma's house which was so fun. She has a lake in her backyard and my sisters and i would throw rocks in the lake, and we would feed the ducks that were in there. We each picked out our favorite duck, the one i picked was light brown with dark spots all over it, i named it Brownie. Anyway, we would always go to Cole Park and play for hours with my cousins, and the adults just hung out. My mom doesn't swim, but she loves the ocean, so her and my dad would take us to see the USS Lexington during the day, and at night when we would drive by, it was lit up all blue. It is so big and amazing to see, sometimes i get the chills thinking about cause my mom and her sisters would tell us ghost stories when we were checking it out. Scary.....

Our closing date...

We are told by the underwriter working with us on our house that we should be able to close tomorrow. They have been telling us for the past 5 weeks that it will be no later than this week, no later than next week, no later than...... just let us know already.

The underwriter spoke to our realtor's assitant and they both sound pretty positive, i guess the uw says that this has gone on too long and the date will be this fri. We sure hope so, if not....oh...oh....there will be some fists flying....aaahhhhhhh......Shawn is ready to flip. This is what he looks like when he talks about our situation and the people dealing with it.....if only he knew kung fu...ha ha!!