So i added my halloween post on the wrong blog...
you can check out that post on my pics blog, it's off to the right hand side. Check it out, I will be posting my pictures that I am trying to perfect!!

Dog Park

The other day we took our dogs to the dog park, and they absolutely loved it!! We thought Koda would've been the biggest dog there...boy we were wrong. There was this great dane there and it was twice the size of Koda, only in height. It was so fun to watch all the dogs play together and get along so well. I am kind of sad that we just barely found out about it cause it closes November 1st..ah man...

Anyway, I know this is a cheesy post, but we don't have kids to brag about yet so we just post about the kids we know...our dogs!!

Welcome babies!!

Welcome Will Austin McCrary
Hallie Kate Peterson

Baby #1
Will was born Sept 29 @ 5:00pm. His name was Firetruck the whole pregnancy, so when he was born the main question asked was "what's his name?" So we were all pretty excited to see him and put an actual name to him! I am stealing my sis-in-laws pic cause she was so good to have her camera (way to go steph!) He is a stud!!

Baby #2
FINALLY!!! Maddie's pregnancy took forever, I am sure longer for her than for us, but it was a very long wait. The results: beautiful baby Hallie,sShe was born Oct 8 at 9:05pm, 19in long and 6lbs 15 0z. She is such a gorgeous little girl!! I can't wait to play with her when she gets her personality, she will be so much fun!


So I am taking a few classes at Davis High on learning how to use my camera and take better pictures. I've already gone to a few classes and it's actually not too bad, we will be going over our cameras and find out all the settings on them, and learn what the shutter speed should be, and when to use the flash...so much to learn..so little time!! The funny thing is that when I go pick up my pictures at walmart I get questioned every single time.. "are these copyright?" HECK NO!!!! Of course they are all my pics, I would never take from someone else, especially when they work as hard as they do. So I had to sign a copyright form, so when I pick up my pics in the future, they can't ask.
Anyway, I took my little sisters maternity pics a while ago and thought I'd post a few. I am still trying to perfect this skill, so they may not look the best, but I think they turned out way cute! She is happy with them! Now I just have to wait for her little girl to get here so I can take pics of her too, only a couple more days and we will have a new baby!! I am so excited to see her, I love babies!!!