Grandma's Funeral

We went down to St. George for my Grandma's funeral, and it was so beautiful. The weather was perfect, all the family but 3 cousins were there (pretty amazing), the company was great to be around, and of course the good!!! After the funeral services we had some cousins staying at the hotel we were at, so we all got together and called more of our cousins to come have pizza and just hang out. Well, there were so many of us in the commons area, I guess there were complaints about us being too loud...oops! The next day we all went to a park for a lunch, and that was so nice to hang out, the boys were playing basketball, girls were visiting and the kids were being kids. I am sad that it takes a funeral to get the family together, but it was a great visit!

My Dad & his siblings

My uncle's kelly & alan...funny boys!!