Christmas spirit

Of course our dogs didn't put the hat on themselves, but they know they wanted it....
look how cute our babies are..

Koda Harry

Oh, I had Christmas spirit as well!

This is my "big" present this year. Shawn knew I wanted a professional camera so I can learn to take good pictures and maybe do photography on the side. He is so sweet to have got this for me, I love him very much!!

Christmas has come and gone....

Can you believe Christmas has already passed??? This year has gone by too fast, in fact, the last few years have gone by a lot faster than what I am used to. This time of year is so busy for everyone, the running around, buying this, going to this party, when does it ever end??? Then out of nowhere, the presents have been opened, visiting all the family in town, and watching a show has come and gone. I absolutely love Christmas, not just for the presents, it just brings such a happy feeling to everyone, well almost everyone. So here is how Shawn and I spent our Christmas.

Every Christmas Eve we have dinner at his parents house and open one present, oh and we always end up watching The Christmas Story...(aaahhhhh), after watching it time after time it kind of gets old, sorry to say. This year we changed it up, we went to my brother in laws house for the Eve, we had our original dinner and watched The Grinch.

I had to work 3-7 pm Christmas Eve and 7-11 am Christmas morning which caused a damper on my holiday, but I still had enough fun for the holidays.

Christmas day after I got home from work my brother and sisters along with spouses and kids all got together and opened so many presents!! We went to my in laws that night and got our presents from them, ate some more then tried to drive home safely in that snow storm we had.

Well, we hope everyone had a great Christmas and we hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!

And the stockings were hung...
Harry had to pose too!
Mom & Dad
Maddie and Colby
Melody and Ellis
Luke, Erin and Bree
Brooke, Jeremy, Emma and Erin


So we have decided to go private, we dont want just anybody allowed to look at our blog. Just like the rest of you who went private, it's a personal blog you want to share with people you know. If you wish to continue to look at it please leave your email. If you can please get your email in by the end of this week I would appreciate it. Thank you!!!

McCrary Christmas Party

Every Christmas Eve the McCrary side of the family gets together at classic skating for our annual party. It's actaully real fun because we never see that side of the family so the games keep us occupied and entertained. We always take doughnuts and drinks for our refreshments which is nice for our grandparents that put it all together, it saves them a few bucks. Anyway we played some games and went to the bouncy toys to jump around. It was so much fun to act like a kid again!

Calvin, Shawn, Marsi (my in-laws)

Jaycee and Reese


Stephanie and Kaleb

Temple Square

Last week Shawn and I went to Temple Square with my siblings, their kids and my cousins. We thought it was going to be freezing cold outside, it was actually comfortable weather to see the beautiful Temple and lights. Here are some of the gorgeous pics I took of the temple.
We all stopped to pose, and surprisingly enough we got all the kids to look forward and they were totally silent, it was amazing!! After our pose we went to see the Christus, I didn't go right up to it cause it was very packed in that room and we decided to take a peek and leave, but it was very calming and beautiful. My cousin Michelle hooked us up with some sweet treats, she made chocolate popcorn balls and they were actually very good, I'm not a big fan of chocolate but these were delicious!

Colby and Maddie

Melody and Me

Melody, Graiden (in a monkey suit) and Ellis

Shawn and me

Luke, Erin, Jeremy, Bree, Emma and Brooke Tom, Michelle, Kenzie and Brooke
Me, Erin, Melody, Maddie and Michelle

Tom, Colby, Shawn, Lucas and Ellis (barbershop quartet..hello, hello, hello)
Dads and babies, lots and lots of babies!!

Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!!!!!

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Spend it with those you love!

Be safe.

Be thankful for what you get.

Tis the season for giving.

Remember our Savior.


Christmas Party!!!

Last Friday some of Shawn's friends from highschool had a Christmas party which was so much fun. Robyn hosted it and she did an excellent job, especially with the food, it was fantastic!! Anyway, I didn't take my camera with me, but Alicia took some pics (i took these from her blog, thanks alicia) We ate lots of food and talked for hours, it was really fun to see Shawn talk with his friends and go back in the day of highschool. Thanks for the invite Robyn!!

Back: Alicia, Melissa, Keri and me

Front: Robyn, Lindsey

Shawn, Austin, Ryan, Ben and Brian in back

Poor guy

A few months ago Shawn was at work doing his usual change outs, which is taking new clothes to the inmates and gathering the dirty ones to wash. He was pushing one cart and pulling one at the same time, these are pretty big carts to do two at a time. While he was moving, the one in back snagged his left foot and basically rolled on it, his foot didn't move cause the traction on the bottom of his shoe, so he and a co-worker heard abut five pops from his foot. Come to find out, we went to see the dr and he said from the xray that there is a broken bone in his foot that if he were to keep it there he would be in pain the rest of his life, after thinking about it, he decided he wanted to take it out. His surgery was on the 11th, the procedure was only 30 minutes, but they left a pretty nasty looking incision.

Kind of busy...

It's been a couple weeks since my last actual post so i thought it was time to get it together and do some show and tell. My sister, her boy Graiden and I went to the Union Station to play on the choo choos, Grai loves those and he was so happy to see them. The whole time he was saying "choo choo wain", and "ALL ABOARD" it was so cute to watch him.

Christmas Trees

Our current living situation here at my parents makes it pretty fun to decorate. Shawn and I put up the decorations the day before Thanksgiving and we decided to use my parents tree, our tree and my sisters tree. Yep, we have three trees in our house and I love it!! It's so nice to go to one room, or downstairs and see the decorated trees, it's nice to have some variety. My tree is red and white, my parents is multi color and my sisters is blue and white, all with different themes.

Christmas Village

The other night Shawn's side of the family decided to get together for dinner and lights. We went the the pizza factory at the junction, then afterward we went to Christmas Village. It was freezing cold at the village, we didn't see the whole park because we were seeking shelter at Santa's house. It took about 20 minutes of standing in line to see santa, our nieces and nephews all got to sit on his lap, and since shawn and i stood in line we figured we better do it too!!