How Embarassing

Why can't people keep their eyes to themselves?
Why is it sooooo hard to keep their thoughts to themselves too?
This lovely laniard is what I was given here at work to put my badge on and represent the hospital, totally fine, no problem doing that. I only have a problem when people start noticing where this laniard is laying...yeah, my boobs. I never put 2 +2 together until people started laughing and saying "not bigger, just better huh" mostly guys... I decided it was time to give up the embarassment and pass it on to someone else who says she is less fortunate in that area!

Shawn & Bon to the rescue

It was my nephew's birthday a few weeks ago and he wasn't feeling too well, so his parents were taking care of him. That meant nobody was there to help out with the cake, so Shawn and I stepped up and helped out! Grai's theme was Spongebob, it turned out to be very cute! I did the Spongebob cake, the pan was the shape of SB, and it had the divets for his eyes, sponges and everything else. It was actually pretty easy to do. Shawn on the other hand did not have help with his. My dad baked the cake in a square pan and Shawn did free hand for Patrick. It turned out really good! Who knew Shawn had it in him.