Las Vegas

Last weekend Shawn and I took a little trip down south, it was very much needed! We made plans a while ago to meet up in Vegas with our friends we met on our cruise, it was really nice to hang out and visit as much as we did. We left Thursday to St. George, it snowed on us on the way down, but once we got there we had to roll the windows down cause it was such nice weather!!! I can't really say much for was so cold...good thing I packed some jackets and closed toed shoes! We hung out with my cousin Shelley on thursday, it was so nice to visit with her and her little family! Friday we got to Vegas, had dinner and talked forever with our friends. Saturday we went to Brad Paisley's concert, his openers were Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert, it was a really good concert! The rest of our time was shopping, eating and gambling...sad to say we didn't come out ahead on gambling...but seriously, who does?? I was actually very sick the whole time, but I tried to have a good attitude the whole time, I was exhausted but made the best of it! I can honestly say I am glad to be home!!!
Shawn holding a lobster!

I love this temple!! Good ol' St George

Visited my Grandpa Hall.
haven't seen him since 1996

We visited the gorgeous!

This guy was broadcasting on the largest
tv in the world ( located on fremont st)
Of course Shawn had to sit and visit...he was on the
big screen for everyone to see!

Our friends Justin & Jenny

Famous In & Out

Travelocity meets MOTAB

So Shawn was called into work today to help with the program The Spoken Word. It was actually his Sunday off, but once he got there he was happy to be there. The travelocity gnome was visiting the MOTAB and Salt Lake City to promote skiing and other things that you can do in SLC. Our bro-in-law Colby went to the program to see what it is all about and he was able to meet the gnome as well. So here is what Shawn does at work...looks stressful doesn't it?? Enjoy the pictures!!

Oh we also went to dinner at PF Changs with my sis and her husband. It was a relaxing night to get out, eat great food and just have fun!! Thanks for the invite Maddie and Colb! Now in these pics Shawn is trying to teach Colby how to use chopsticks, and I was showing Maddie how to use a fork!!