Move over Betty Crocker

So I have seen this recipe floating around for the longest time and figured I could never make them, and if I did they wouldn't turn out right. Blah...blah..blah... I enjoy watching the food channel, getting recipes from the internet and anywhere else I can find them, so I have a binder full of recipes that I don't use. In my mind I am so motivated about cooking and baking, but when it comes down to it, I don't even want to try and I find an excuse to not do it. I've been watching my little sister bake and cook for the last few months and I wish I was like her. She wants to cook and make people happy with her food. So I decided to step it up on Monday, I made fettucini alfredo for dinner (i know...pretty simple, at least i am trying) and then for dessert I made homemade oreos. Let me sum it up for you...OMG(goodness) they were delicious!!! Very simple and scrumptious!! Stay tuned...I might try something else :)


Happy Easter!!! Hope everybody enjoyed their Easter, all the egg hunts, candy, bunnies and can't forget the best....General Conference!! It was so nice to have the weekend to relax and enjoy the holiday with family and to hear the authorities speak during conference. There were some really good subjects they covered, I was glad to have Shawn and I sit down and listen to most of it. Shawn was really interested because of his job with the church. The lighting behind the organ was something he helped with, and every time the cameras changed from person to person he would say stuff like "fade out 1 and camera on 2" technical terms we don't know about! Anyway, Easter was pretty fun this year. We had a brunch here at home with some of the family and then watched conf., had the rest of the family over and had an easter egg hunt inside and out, and ate lots of candy!! The kids were so cute running in the yard trying to find all the eggs, we had some colored balls that confused them, it was so funny to watch them get the ball thinking it was the egg.. :) Shawn and I got eachother a little basket, he got a new golf hat and I got some flowers and some new shoes, it was a very nice holiday! I even learned how to make some cute bows. My sis in law Erin showed me how to make them... let me tell you, I am not as good as her! She has a blog where she sells these bows. I have a button on the side of my blog, Royalty Bowtique, you should check it out..good stuff.


My older sister decided to put on FHE the other night, pretty much for the activity! She bought all the accesories to create our own VW wagons, they were so fun to decorate. We had a little message to go along with the activity, nothing to relate, but we found a little something! Here are the vans we were all inspired to create...enjoy!