This year we decided to stay close to home for the holiday. It was really nice not having to split between the families and run every where to be here at this time, have to be there at this time...uh uh..none of that!! We talked with our neighbors and decided to get together and have a block party. It was a memorable 4th because it was not like the other ones we normally have. Sure we had bbq and lots of food...I mean LOTS and LOTS of food... We thought everyone would set their food up at their house and we could all wander around and visit. Didn't happen that way...all the food ended up at my parents house, all the chairs were on the lawn, tables with food, and 2 grills, yeah...it was pretty crowded on their small front yard. We had a ton of fun with the visiting and especially the fireworks. Shawn is the biggest pyro around this time of year, he was lighting whatever he could get his hands on. Of course he made his trip to Evanston to make it even better, and it was. There was one mishap that night with a firework. The ones that were pronounced legal for Utah should not be legal. Our neighbor bought an aerial from one of the stands near by, he was so excited to light it and as soon as he did, the first shot went off then knocked the aerial over on its side and the shots were not going straight up in the air...no way...they were shooting at cars, people and in the field next to our house, yep you read that right...the FIELD. Needless to say we did have adrenaline pumping pretty hard when Shawn yelled "Grab the hoses"....WHAT??? Yeah we had a small fire in the field, but thank goodness for all the guys for rushing over there with buckets of water, it was put out and we didn't have to call the fire dept. What a relief! We had the same thing happen at our cousins house on the 2nd. Same dang firework caught their neighbors tree on fire, more buckets of water, hoses and lots of running around. All the boys got that one out too, but the fire dept was called just in case. The tree was up against the lady's house, so we didn't want any hot spots to start a house fire. Thank goodness for the fire dept. WOW....what a weekend!! Hope all of you had a safe and fun 4th!!!