Well, well, well,where have we been

You know how your lives get so busy and you forget to update evryone on how you are...yeah that's me!! I have been such a slacker and I am sorry. It's always so nice to see when people update, so here is an update for all of you!
Of course we've been busy with work as most of you are familiar with, we've been having fun in the summer sun and enjoying eachothers company.
Shawn and I have been running about every other night, I do 2 miles and he does 4. We are trying to get in shape for our cruise which is about 53 days away...SO EXCITED!!!
We got to house sit a house here in our neighborhood for 2 weeks, which was kind of wierd but it was fun at the same time. This house has a projection screen and a nice sound system, so we had some friends over one night to watch Gremlins. That movie is so 80's, it was actually funny because remembering it as a child I was scared, but to see it now, oh my gosh! Of course we've been going to lagoon off and on and the drive in, and just hanging out. We went to South Ogden days the other night with our friends from Oregon, that was a lot of fun!
Oh Shawn signed up for school once again, he will be starting at the end of August. I am so proud of him, hopefully he will stick it out and get his career..fingers crossed!!!
So there's our life story for the last month, sorry for the long delay, I will try do do better next time!!

Of course Shawn started the fire
(we've been doing lots of camp fires)
Maddie, Colby, Melody and Harry
Good ol' smores!!

Evertime we take Koda to get cleaned she
never comes back with her nails painted like
the smaller dogs. So I painted them myself!
She is so stinkin cute!!

Grai has the best "ratty" hair!! I love
to take a comb to his hair and play, this kid
is hilarious!!
My cousins, Kyle and Shelley with baby Eden
we were all at Fat Cats

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! Nice golf shirt!! I love
this guy!

So Steph (sis in law) told me about this

frozen yogurt place called Spoon Me. We

took a little trip there on Sat with Chad

and Steph. Look how cute the napkins are!

Me and Teresa at South Ogden days. We

stopped at a vendor to get our eyes painted with

glitter. This lady made us look so bad...so of course

we had to take a pic. Our husbands said they

didn't want us feeling out of place, so they did it too.

They got younger girls that had style, so they looked

much better than we did.