Well, it's been a bit busy in our lives lately. We both started new jobs, been busy with our church callings and family as well. My job is with the HCA Supply Chain in Kaysville. I do the accounts payable side, which I have NO experience in what so ever. I have been there for a couple months now and I am still having a hard time. I feel completely lost and sit and wonder what I do first, and when I am supposed to manually key accounts and pay them...too muc
h too soon. Shawn on the other hand is Self Employed with a company called Network FOB. He is a broker for this
trucking company. It keeps him extremely busy and by the time I get home from work, he
turns around to do a side job with his brother.
So to fit some of our quality time in, we went to Ogden Canyon last weekend to snap a few shots. It was so pretty up there. I also got some more shots of my little sister and her family.