New pics

I decided it was time to update our pictures for the new year. Shawn and I went out with the tripod he got me for Christmas and put it to the test. It works perfect!! It's so nice not having to find a rock to put the camera on while trying to take a decent picture to get the both of us in it. So here are a couple pics that we took this last weekend.

He is such a good model!!

What a way to start the New Year

We are fortunate enough to start off the year with some luck! For the last couple months Shawn has been having a hard time with his job at the jail. He wasn't happy when he went to work, he would get really depressed knowing he had to go to the jail for 8 hours of his day. The hardest thing for him was watching people throw their lives away, and not having a care in the world. His supervisor allowed him to take some time off to think about what he wants to do, whether to go back to the jail or find something else. Shawn was pretty determined to leave the jail, but he wasn't having any luck finding a job. A friend in our ward has his own business where he delivers furniture, so Shawn was doing that for a few weeks. Well, another guy in our ward works for the Mormon Tab. Choir and Shawn has been asking if they are hiring, so this guy looked into it and WALA(is it a word?)!!! Shawn now has a job with Mormon Tab. Choir as a lighting tech..YAY!! He is part time for now, but he can easily work his way up. His attitude has changed for the better and he looks forward to going to work, even though its in SLC.
So not only a new job for the new year, but we have both agreed to start school (once again) and further our education. Hopefully we stick with it this time and finish completely!