What a great movie

Yeah, good enough to see more than once in the theatre!!! We went to see it on Fri 07/25 and we just went again with my sister, her husband and my parents lastnight. They all did such a good job playing their characters, especially the joker. oh by the way, not a big fan of Christian Bale, but whoa....he's kind of hot!!

Sunday Stroll

Today seemed like such a nice day to go for a drive, so that's what we did. We drove up the north ogden divide and just took our time throughout Liberty and Eden. We stopped at a park and had some lunch, then on the drive home we went around pine view and down ogden canyon. It really was a nice drive and it was nice to spend some time together.

Happy Birthday to my mom..

My mom and brother just had their b-days too, theirs are just 2 days apart. So i want to wish them a very happy birthday and hope they enjoyed their special days!!

We actually had a surprise party for my mom, my bro thought to do it, it was fun. Anyway here are some pics of that party:

Time alone.....

As most of you know we are currently living with my parents which i am very thankful for, not paying rent, only helping with some things here and there, and saving money!!! Although it is getting a bit, oh what's the word....cluttered. Shawn and i miss our 'alone' time that we used to have, it was so nice just to pick up and go wherever we wanted, nobody asking where we are going or when we'd be home, just us. Since we are living with family, they are just curious on what we are up to, and i don't blame them. So anyway, the weekend of my b-day Shawn decided to get a hotel room in SLC and take me out to dinner. We went to the Mayan and stayed the night at the Ramada. All in all it was a very nice gesture and it was nice to be alone. One thing i have to add is, the mayan had ok entertainment, but the food was horrible.....don't ever get their mac and cheese....ughhh....sick...:(

So here are pics of our adventure:

Marriage Tag

“Marriage” Tag--to be completed about my husband
•What is his name? Shawn
•How long have you been together? 7 years
•How long did you date? 2 years
•How old is he? 25
•Who said I love you first? Shawn
•Who is taller? Shawn
•Who sings better? Me of course…;)
•Who is smarter? Me too!! j/k
•Whose temper is worse? Shawnald for sure
•Who does the laundry? Both
•Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me
•Who pays the bills? Both
•Who mows the lawn? Nobody..
•Who does the dishes? Whoever gets sick of looking at them!
•Who cooks dinner? both
•Who drives when you are together? Shawn
•Who is more stubborn? Shawn
•Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? It’s a toss up
•Who kissed who first? Shawn
•Who proposed? Shawn
•Who is more sensitive? Another toss up
•Who has more friends? We have the same friends
•Who wears the pants in the family? I would like to think I do!!

I would like to tag: Zjani


1. Write a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. All my blogger friends better respond to this, I want to see what everyone remembers about me. I will also return the favor and try and think up something to write on yours. HA!Happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!

Who's a princess???

You Are Snow White!

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Pure and trusting. You are a gentle soul who can get along with just about anyone. Everyone you meet instantly falls in love with you. How can they resist? You have a pure, lovable nature that's irresistable. Just don't trust everyone who comes across your path.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


My family and I celebrated mine and my dad's birthday yesterday. Our b-day is July 10, i was born on my dads b-day 24 years ago, we also share our day with my uncle, my dad's twin. My bro-in-law took me and my dad to go see WALL-E on thurs at the junction and it was actually a very cute show, and he also took us out to dinner the night before at Chilis, what a nice guy!! Fri night my fam went to dinner at golden corrall, my dad wanted the shrimp and steak, so i agreed to go for him. Afterward we came home and had cake and ice cream, then opened presents. It was fun doing all this with my pop!! I got some earrings, money, the never ending story...1 & 2, and a digital frame. Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate!!!

Me and Dad, and the rest of us at dinner.

mom and dad

luke, erin and bree

maddie and colby

emma and jeremy

and bree again, how cute is she?



I had today off so why not get out and enjoy it, right!! I was actually babysitting Gray for the day, my sis is in Oregon and bro-in-law went to work, so we got to hang out with my dad. We didn't want to sit around and do nothing, so we decided to go to Dinosaur Park, then to lunch. It was so funny cause gray was kind of scared when he heard the dinos from the speakers, and i caught him covering his eyes too, he did just fine and we had fun!!

Summer fun in the pool!

It was such a great night to get in the pool, it doesn't look dark, but it was about 7 ish when we got in. anyway, we had our nieces and nephews with us, and only one really cared to be in the "big pool" and that was Gray. The others Emma, Jeremy and Bree were a little afraid to get in, but they warmed up to the fact that they wouldn't fall in ! So here are some pics of the fam...

bed time...

Before we took Harry in to get his haircut, i decided to dress him up! My nephew Graiden came in to my room one morning wearing his cars jammies, well he decided he was done with them for the day, so he took them off. Harry was laying down next to me on the bed and he was so cute and furry that i wanted to see what he looked like with the pj's on. He actually was pretty still while i put the top on, no way could i get the bottoms on. here are some cute pics of him!