Lots to catch up on

Almost another month gone and another post, I figure about one post a month is good! Anyway, last week we all decided to go to the zoo as a family, most of the fam went, some had to work. We ended up taking all the kids with us, the only one who was prepared was my sis in law Erin, I was so thankful she came with. I had no idea what to pack, all I packed was myself and hand sanitizer! We were all excited to see the Madagascar exhibit, but to be honest it was actually quite boring, there were only about 5 animals to see. We got lots of pics, can't post all of them, but I will post some.
Since we got our Lagoon passes we try to go at least every other weekend when I have off. My parents and sis/bro-in-law got passes too so they can come with us. It has actually been really nice going and not being so hot, lines aren't too long and it's not so crowded. Here are some pics of this last weekend, we went with my parents and took my nephew too.

One more thing..Shawn and I took the dogs to the park the other day. We let the dogs run around and play, it was a really nice day to be out!! I got lots of pics of the blooming trees, they were so gorgeous!!

To be or not to be....

This post is all about Shawn, so one day he decides to just out of nowhere to sport a 'stache.' What the heck?? I don't mind when he grows his little patch under the chin, or if he has a goatee, but this time he went too far....he grew a frieken moustache...aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.....

I cannot stand moustaches, they are so ugly!!!! Don't get me wrong, some people can pull them off, but poor Shawn did not stand a chance in my eyes. I felt so bad the whole week he had it, I was saying rude things to him all the time, I didn't even want to kiss him cause it hurt and I didn't want to be near that thing. He tells me the only reason he tried it is cause at work the only facial hair they can grow is the stache, nothing else. So he just wanted to show his friends at work that he could do it, and most of them complimented him on it. At some points it didn't look too bad, so I can't say he is totally unattractive with it.

Thankfully he shaved it a week later, after he showed it off to everyone at work. I came home to such a great surprise!!!

Here's a little somethin!

This is Shawn, just thought I'd show you what fun is!!!