My computer WORKS!!!

I have been kinda bummed lately cause our laptop totally crashed about 4 months ago..I felt so lost with out it. My bro-in-law took it to one of his friends and he somehow fixed it, I was so happy to know I have my lap top back...YES!!!
Anyway, back-blogging ahead...

My niece Hallie had her 1st b-day, it was a dress up party and it was so fun to have family and friends there celebrating her birth!
Shawn and I skipped out on a few Halloween parties this year due to his haunted house that he had to do once again. One year I kinda hope it can just be us and friends, and not me by myself while he is scaring the neighborhood. Anyway, as a couple we dressed up, he was a Chef, and I was his Spaghetti & Meatballs. The costumes were homemade, and they turned out to be winning costumes!! I wore my costume to work for a contest, I won 1st place and got a $20 gift card.

I went to Gardner Village with my friend Zjani, we made it a girls night. It was pretty fun checking everything out and getting to see all the other women dressed up. We made our own skirts out of the tule material, and they turned out way cute!

Took some pictures of my sister and her little family, and a couple of Shawn and I...had to get us in.

Another yearly trip to the cabin in September. It was pretty fun this year, Shawn did a little fishing and was catching all the grass hoppers by hand, it was so funny to watch this big man trying to catch such a small creature. He caught one fish with his amazing skills, too bad he had to release it. He had a hard time trying to get it off the hook, it was out of water for so long that once he threw it back in the pond it fell to the bottom and didn't move for a while. Yeah, we thought Shawn killed it...we sat and poked at it for a while, and nothing. Come to find out..he was alive!!! So, I think that's about it for now...hope it wasn't too long or annoying to read.

Stop for a pose

We were at the mall the other day and saw this little set up, and we definitely had to get a picture!! (we didn't even have to pay for it..muhahaha!! )