Kenny Chesney concert

Here are some more pics from Kenny's concert, they are not the best, my camera doesn't have the best zoom. :( So enjoy what you can see, there are some of Miranda Lambert too.

Good ol July

My oh my...where do I begin?? This month I would say has to be the most eventful month out of the year for my family and I. We have 4 birthdays to celebrate, the 4th and 24th, and of course all the city days going on. I can honestly say that I am kind of tired of fireworks, it seems never ending.............
July 4th: We always go over to Shawn's aunts house for food and fireworks. It's really nice to catch up with everyone on that side of the family and have some fun.
July 10th: MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I have the best birthday ever, I was born on my dad's birthday 25 years ago, so I get to celebrate it with him every year! He always tells me I am the best birthday present he has ever had..oh how sweet!
Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well at all on my bday, all I wanted to do was sleep and curl up. So Shawn took my dad out golfing for his present. Later that day Shawn asked again and again if I wanted to do anything, I just kept telling him no that I don't feel good. He told me that we were going to dinner so I'd better pick something, we ended up at Texas roadhouse. It was actally a fun day considering the situation. Later that week Shawn and I went to Toads for some mini golf and games!
July 19th: WSU fireworks..They were awesome this year!! We layed blankets out the night before and got an amazing spot, we had to lay down to see them and it was so fun. It did start to rain that night, thank goodness for the extra blanket!! My brother and his family came to hang out, and our friends Zjani, Jared and their little girl Makayla. The best part of it all...NO TRAFFIc.. we always get away pretty quick with our little scooter!!
July 21st: My brother's birthday
July 23rd: Mom's birthday
Shawn got me Kenny Chesney tickets for my bday, there were supposed to be 4 performers that night, but there were 3. One of the main reasons I wanted to go was for Sugarland. I love her music. Unfortunately she lost her voice and cancelled....bummer :(
By the time we got there we missed one performance by Lady Antebellum, they aren't too bad.
We saw Miranda Lambert and K Chesney. It was fun to be there with Shawn and dance in the stands! Thanks Babe, love ya!!
July 24th: Pioneer day and more fireworks!! We ended up celebrating all of the bdays that night at my parents house. When it got dark Shawn darted out the door to set up his fireworks. That kid loves, loves, loves fireworks!! He put on a pretty good show with all his "fun" fireworks!

Happy 4th!

To start the day we went to Riverdale Days parade. It was actually really nice because there weren't that many people there, we got a decent spot to sit and we were right up front so all the kids could get their candy. The whole parade was quite entertaining, there were lots of firetrucks, horses and cheerleaders. We were all having fun and enjoying ourselves until...dun, dun, dun...Bonneville student officers came by with water guns. I don't know why they thought it was a good idea to get people soaked, cause a lot of people were NOT happy. Which brings me to my sis in law Erin, she was holding her baby Brooke when the float came by, she got wet by one of the kids, then Shawn decides to tell the kid to keep getting her wet...not the best idea. She ended up getting drenched, the kid threw a bucket of water on her and Brooke. What a JERK...

After the parade we went to the booths to get the kids faces painted and let them go down an inflated slide, it was really fun to watch them.
We then started making dinner, we had shish-ka-bobs and lots more food. I made a fruit pizza and it was soooooooo.....good and it looked beautiful!!

During the cookout Shawn decided to get some plastic that we had left in storage and brought it home for a slip n' slide. It was so funny to watch him and my brother have so much fun slip n' sliding!

Then we got cleaned up and went to our aunt's house in Plain city for some more food and visiting. We always go out there every year for a bbq, volleyball and a great firework show!! All in all we had a really great holiday!!!