Totally hate this part


6 years and still going

Well as you can tell by the title, we just celebrated our 6 year anniversary...YAY!!! We didn't really celebrate all out cause we are saving it for our cruise, so Shawn went to work that morning and I went to work that night. He was very thoughtful and got me some gorgeous flowers! He is always so good at that, even when I tell him not to, he still feels generous enough to spend his money!!
We got sealed for all time and eternity at the Bountiful Temple which is beyond beautiful, and I still remember everything about that day! It was such a great day, not too hot and there was some cloud coverage with a little breeze. I am so thankful to have such a great husband, I love him very much, I know it's mushy, but that's how I feel!!!

The sun is on fire...

The other night my nieces and nephews came over to the house, and the first thing they said when they walked through the door was "THE SUN IS ON FIRE, THE SUN IS ON FIRE!!"

It was hilarious to hear them say that, they seemed like they were so concerned. So I got some pics of the sun, and they are actually pretty cool! I tried to get some good pics of the sun in the background of the corn stalks, so enjoy!!!

What a strange, strange movie....

A couple weeks ago Shawn and I went to see Orphan, and I can honestly say that movie gave me the creeps.... It wasn't too bad of a movie, but the story was just a little too crazy for me.